Danielle Rose Fisher
Illustrator & Visual Designer


We believe economic advancement and self-reliance is the power to create opportunities for yourself. It’s the power to take care of other people and impact the world around you. It’s the power that comes from achieving a level of success so that you’re in a fantastic position to change a system that needs to evolve.

Toward that end, what you’ll find here are resources and advice focused on helping working women get ahead. We tackle the topics that can make or break our careers head-on—from men and gender dynamics to appearance and personal brand to work-life balance and beyond.  

Our books, guidance, events, and more are all dedicated to helping women of all phases of their careers—right here, right now and over the longer haul.

Women@work is an community for women who want to take control of their career, life, success & happiness..

Role: Illustration, creative direction, branding and visual design for website and branding collateral

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Solutions: Beta launch & pre orders for the book, Men@Work were announced in May 2017. Survey’s and email correspondence have been used for feedback from our “personas” and targeted audience. Editor has joined the team to help execute and expedient launch in Sept 2017.