Danielle Rose Fisher
Danielle Rose Fisher • Illustrator & Experience Designer
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Transparency Dash

I’m a part of a multi-disciplinary team that designed and developed a way to showcase transparency and team health within our organization using Birst and Google Studio.

Role: Visual design & UX

Latest deployment can be viewed here

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Various inspiration pulls for fidelity purposes. Clean, clear & beautiful designs to ideally represent the data we receive weekly around team progress and team health.



The Teams objectives were to use this tool to be transparent within the organization by exposing our work. Demonstrate a commitment to team health! And demonstrate accountability through goal setting and externalizing it to our C-Suite, customers and partners. Evolve UI to be consistent with Infor's branding.

Approach: Consisting of various widgets that are interchangeable within the coded structure. Widgets consist of a "mixed bag” home screen, while also showcasing representation of various product teams, the beginning formation of a widget catalog & data automation.

Launched: Early 2018

Dropbox paper link

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Agency: Hook & Loop

My role: Design & UX

Creative Direction: Nunzio E., Chuck W.

Design Team: Thea K, Rick S., Danielle F.

Development: Rick S.