Illustrator & Visual Designer


A small user base of big music companies use a white-glove service "powered by ASCAP." This service needed to be branded. 

Goal: Sell the mood and logo to the client through various presentations of brand identity

Title: Digital Product Designer

Role: Spearheaded branding and partnered with UX to create layout/design for development

Tasks: Branding exercises, style guide establishment, business research, sitemap & website creation

Final Product at



- Function as a calling card to prospective clients

- Be a point of contact for existing clients

- Explain what Songwize is to non-client-type users

Solutions: The actual user base for this site was extremely low—the business had no intention of it ever expanding. But because ASCAP digital products dominate Google's front page, we couldn't keep it niche and obscure to non-client types. To meet objectives one and two, the team designed based on functionality that the customers asked for: contact forms and calendars of important dates.

Outcomes: The site launched with a press release. Successfully launch a clean site, that's easy to navigate, and gets the information out there.

songwize flats.jpg


There was the branding exercise . it started with mood boards, explorations and 3 final options. Ultimately one was selected and then branding color was expanded upon.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 5.53.58 PM.png
songwize moodboards copy 2.jpg
songwize moodboards copy 3.jpg


Logo 1 was chosen & with an updated palette. Design team rolled out various collateral for selected logo to be used as needed, to create swag for clients and to brand

Launched May 2017

songwize moodboards copy 4.jpg

Stationery Mockup 01.jpg