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Danielle Rose Fisher • Illustrator & Experience Designer

About me

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My name is Danielle Rose Fisher, and I am a NYC based illustrator & experience designer. I create things that are beautiful, useful, and above all, meaningful.

Once a looper, always a looper. I am currently back at my old stomping grounds, Hook & Loop where I was previously on the brand side and I have switched gears and am now on their product team working on creating mobile applications for the enterprise! We are focusing on the philosophy, "The product is the brand, the brand is the product.” Concurrently, I am on an incredible team of women creating content and mentoring upcoming career woman in their paths, through our platform Women@Work. We have done that through our social channels, two books our of a three book series, as well as events that our CEO speaks at. And previously, I was pushing the boundaries at ASCAP through uplifting all if their member focused products as a Product Designer on their User Experience Team.

Working as a full time designer & illustrator for the last 7+ years, I have had the opportunity to spearhead design & art direct the launch of 2 mobile applications, 3 responsive enterprise websites, helped push brands into their next frontier and lend a helpful hand in mentoring many team members.

In my experiences I have worked with a range of clients and I have been afforded the opportunity to develop a well-rounded background consisting of illustration & branding as well as visual product design and UX fundamentals.

My philosophy is to create engaging and accessible user experiences that are also functional, clean and simple.  I know how to balance business goals and engineering constraints as I unrelentingly advocate for the user. 

I'm always actively seeking freelance opportunities for both illustration and design.  If my style seems like something that may work well with your company, please feel free to drop me a line any time! 

Some selected accolades & clients



Sag City Media

Conscious Beauty LLC

New York Public Library

Stacy Garcia Inc

Denise Rich Songs

Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research

Kaplon & Bello Commercial Real-estate

Clark PR, Yellow Sky Agency

Stacy Garcia Inc blog & in their monthly publication "Life-styled"

Mini Style Diary's blog feature 

9394 Magazine Illustration Feature

Portland's Bride & Groom's "Last Look" Feature

"Fundamentally Female" by Renee Rogan

“Squirrel bank” by Akram Abedelal

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