Danielle Rose Fisher • Illustrator & Experience Designer


Ascap.com was designed in the very early 2000s and needed an overhaul which reflected its change in the industry. It needed to standup against its competitors: i.e. BMI, which had just launched a newly responsive site. We needed to utilize our imagery that we obtained at our events, simplify and establish a voice and reach all of our members. 

Tasks: Spearheaded responsive redesign based off already established ASCAP.com content. Established a modular templated approach and created a web style guide from the ground up for our development & marketing teams to refer to. Assisted in current and future mapping, art direction with our partnering marketing team so create a holistic voice across the site. 

Role: UI/Visual design and assisted in UX strategy alongside UX designer within pre-established development timeframe

Team: Danielle Rose Fisher - Lead Designer
Michael Bottomley - UX Manager
Development - Grace Potezinger